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Attendance by Sean2014-07-02 18:25:59


I was wondering how the park's attendance was coming along since it's not listed on Themed Entertainment Association's (TEA) list of the top 20 most attended parks in North America.

There was a section in an Orlando Business Journal article that said the following back in 2012: "Attendance figures for the park’s first year have not been released, but Legoland estimated it would attract 2 million visitors a year. Sister park Legoland California averages 1.6 million attendees annually."

I noticed the Florida park currently has more reviews than the California park (2428 versus 2308 reviews, respectively) on Tripadvisor, even though the California park has been opened since 1999. This would indicate the Florida park is outperforming the California park attendance wise. Both parks are rated 4 out of 5 stars on Tripadvisor.

The TEA estimated the attendance for the Legoland in Windsor, England to be a little over 2 million in 2013...this surprised me since the Windsor park is closed over 4 months during the year! The Windsor park was opened in 1996 and currently has 4579 reviews on Tripadvisor with a rating of 3 1/2 out of 5 stars. If the TEA number is accurate, the Windsor park would be much more profitable than its USA counterparts.
re: Attendance by shuart242014-07-04 07:09:36


Remember that Legoland parks tend to serve a local population, and England is very densely populated compared to Florida. The population is about 3x as dense. There's simply a larger market in England.

The US parks though probably have a higher proportion of non-local visitors, who contribute significantly to profits.

re: Attendance by Sean2014-07-04 19:47:12


I think local population plays a part in the equation but there are other factors that play a bigger part in my opinion. According to the 2013 MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index, London was the 2nd most visited city in the world by tourists (the only U.S. city that made the top 10 was New York at #5). The Windsor park isn't located too far from London and would benefit immensely from the influx of international travelers. The theme park market in England isn't nearly as competitive as it is in Florida which would also benefit the Windsor park.

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