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Using tickets with someone else's name printed? by Jack2015-02-20 17:07:16


We were given four tickets to Legoland by a friend. We want to go tomorrow for my son's birthday. These tickets all have the name of our friends on them and they all say "not transferable".

It will be my wife, myself, and our two children using these four tickets. These are not APs or any kind of recurring ticket that the friend is trying to "share". None of them are particularly marked as child or adult admission, and none of them state they are for Florida residents only (though we are FL residents). They say "LLF 1D GENERAL ADMISSION" (LegoLand Florida 1-day) along the bottom.

Is the no transfer clause actually enforced? Will our IDs be checked as we attempt to enter? If they are, will the tickets be confiscated or will we just be sent to guest services?

We would not be going to Legoland without these gifted tickets. If we get denied at the gate, we'll probably head back to the car and go to Universal or Disney instead, where we are APs. However, if we *like* LL on this visit, it's likely we'll buy APs there too.

The tickets expire in a few days and I'd like to return them to the family that gave them to us so someone can get use out of them if it's likely that they'll be confiscated at the gate.

Thanks in advance for all help.
re: Using tickets with someone else's name printed? by Sean2015-02-20 18:51:13


I've never seen anyone asking for ID at the turnstiles. If your friend already paid for the tickets, I don't see what difference it makes if someone else uses the tickets instead. As long as the tickets haven't expired, you should be okay.
re: Using tickets with someone else's name printed? by Jack2015-02-23 12:35:51


Just a quick update. We were admitted without issue. The names on the tickets were not acknowledged.

Thank you Sean for your help.
re: Using tickets with someone else's name printed? by jessicka2016-09-21 12:26:46


i have legoland tickets for me and my kids but want to give them to someone less fortunate then me the tickets have my name on all of them my friend called legoland and they said he cant use them but i have asked accouole friends they said that legoland dosent ask for id

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re: Using tickets with someone else's name printed?



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